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Not sure which institution is best for you? Let's find out in 1 minute

Not sure which institution is best for you?
Let's find out in 1 minute

Explore all of the universities with our Study Abroad Matching tool to find your best matches among attending institutions.

It only takes two steps

Explore all of the universities with our Study Abroad Matching tool to find your best matches among attending institutions.

1. You tell us your preferences

Register for the online fair, tell us your unique preferences, and we'll show you your best-matched institutions!

2. Plan your day

Using your matching results, decide which institution's booths you want to visit to chat LIVE with representatives over text and video/audio.

On demand live chat with each exhibitor is available in their interactive booths. Just visit a booth, and reply to the welcome message you'll see!


Institutions you will get to meet so far:


Chat Live

As well as by pre-booking any 15-minute sessions with specific institutions you want to find out more about, you can also chat live ON DEMAND on the day of the event in each exhibitor’s interactive virtual booth!

An immersive &
to explore your options!

At The Student World 3D Online Fair, you’ll be able to explore the interactive virtual booths of every exhibitor, free to drop into live chat with representatives and view/save their brochures, program info, videos and photos - all accessible in the app after the event.

This event exists to make your international study plans a REALITY

When you join The Student World Online Fair, you are not only signing up for an event: we have a whole experience planned for you.

Visit interactive Booths

As you explore each booth, discover & save institutions and their brochures, videos and photos

Meet LIVE with real people

Hop on text or audio/video calls with genuine admissions staff to ask the questions that matter to you

Stay on track with the app!

After the fair, review your conversation transcripts and saved info in the app, and even keep messaging the institutions!

Integrated with The Student World
app to give you MORE!

After the event, the app allows you to...

Keep talking with institutions you visited

Access all materials you saved in booths

Access all materials you saved in booths

Stay on track with your shortlisting

Enjoy a clutter-free, intuitive interface

We are
The Student World

25 years of experience organizing study abroad events and leading the industry

Since 1997 we have been helping students like you to find the best-fit opportunities abroad, continuously evolving. Learn about our story!

Greener events for a better world

Joining The Student World 3D Online Fair means you are helping reduce the negative impact that regular fairs have on the environment. Every year, you help us save tons of paper brochures and reduce the complex carbon footprint of the events industry. Thank you.

Plus, we plant a tree for each university attending our online events: we’re at 9,236 so far!

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ below

1. How does the event work?

The Student World 3D Online Fair works like a physical event but from the comform of your home! In the platform, you can visit the interactive virtual booths of each educational institution to see more information about them and, save their materials and best of all, to CHAT LIVE directly with their representatives through audio and video calls.

2. Is the event free?

Yes, this is a free online event created to connect you to educational institutions around the world. To save your spot, you just need to register on this website and access the platform on the day and time event.

3. Are there any scholarships?

All information on scholarships, grants and benefits can be discussed directly with representatives of the various universities.

4. Where is my login information?

After registering for the event, you´ll receive an email with your login information. Check your inbox and SPAM.

5. Can I reset my password?

Yes! If you forgot your password, click on "login" and then select "forgot my password". Enter the email you used to register for the event. You will receive a message at the same email address with instructions to reset your password.

6. Can I attend the event later?

You can arrive whenever you want, but we advise you not to arrive too late so as to have enough time to talk to all the universities that interest you.

7. How can I look for specific programs?

As soon as you have logged into The Student World 3D Online Fair, you will see a options on the top menu bar (Pavilions & Exhibitors) that will allow you to look for institutions by name, type of program/course and location. Then just visit their booth to explore programs and ask your questions! You can save program brochures to review again later in The Student World app.

8. How can I access my saved materials and activity from the fair?

During the event, you can see a summary of what you have saved via the STAR icon in the top right. After the event, you view it all in The Student World app again, alongside any of your attended session recordings and even keep communicating with the institutions from the event!

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